Custom IC Design

We provide solid technical engineers in areas of Analog Layout, AMS Layout, RF layout, High Precision Layout, High Speed Layout, Data Converters layout, IO Layouts, Memory and Standard Cell Layouts design.

Physical Design and Verification

We provide complete flow in Physical Design including Floorplaning. Placement&Routing, CTS and Sign off checks. Our Team is capable to deliver projects in Cadence, Synopsis and Mentor Graphics Flow.

Digital Design and Verification

We have a skill in Front end digital Design and verification. Our Engineers are well experienced in complex digital logic/system design and also expertise in UVM and custom Digital Verification.


FPGA Design & Development

LeadIC Design provides FPGA Design Services from specification to final tape-out. FPGA team capable of designing complex systems on FPGA. We are expert in high quality design process covering modelling, simulations, DFT capability, bug tracking & management and full source control.